Planned Breedings

  • Before inquiring about our waiting list or currently available animals, please be sure to review our SALES POLICY and HERD HEALTH pages
  • Any available kids will be posted on the FOR SALE page, as well as noted in the chart below - if you want to know what's available as soon as possible, please be sure to "like" our FACEBOOK page (keep in mind that the prices quoted below are only good for kids reserved with deposit prior to birth)
  • NEW FOR 2017/2018 - we will no longer be taking reservations with deposits, but rather assigning spots on a waiting list (details below)
  • We have two separate waiting lists for all breeds - registered [must be picked up/shipped within 3 weeks of notification of availability for young kids, 2 weeks for older kids] and unregistered [unregistered kids must be picked up between 2 to 10 days of age to recieve the special pricing]
  • Unregistered bucks are priced at $20 for Lamancha types and $40 for Nubian types, unregistered does will be $75 to $200 depending on type and quality
  • For unregisted kids you are welcome to specify if you would like kids out of a certain doe, however registered kid sales will take precedence  
  • Payment for unregistered kids is due at the time they are picked up
  • Registered kids are priced depending on the animals that they're out of. Kids from first fresheners start at $100, from finished champions at $400, and all others at $200 - you are welcome to inquire about pricing on specific crosses before being placed on the waiting list.
  • For registered kids, please submit at least a first and second choice (
  • Payment for registered kids will consist of a NON-REFUNDABLE 25% deposit upon notification of availability (unless you are able to pick up within a week), with the balance due on pick up/shipping. If a deposit is not recieved within a weekand/or transport arrangements cannot be made in a timely fashion, the kid may be retained or made otherwise available for sale to the public. If you are paying the deposit within 1 week of picking up your kid, it must be made via the "Friends & Family" option through PayPal, cash, or postal money order ONLY. Deposits made earlier may be sent via check, however, under no circumstance will I accept a personal check for the final balance due.
  • For shipping options and other pertinent information please see the sales policy page


Oatmeal Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 11/16/17
BB Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 10/22/17
Maui Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 11/11/17
Vidalia Merrie-Meade MN Countvoncount 11/14/17
Sweetie Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 10/17/17
Roxy Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 10/15/17
Debbie Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 10/18/17
Marcy Merrie-Meade MFV Maple Nut 10/11/17
Aurora Merrie-Meade MFV Maple Nut 09/20/17 02/11/18  1 doe (FOR SALE
Nanner Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 10/09/17
Millie Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 09/19/17 02/15/18 2 bucks (FOR SALE
Zola Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 10/16/17
Mango Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 10/16/17
Doodle +B GCH Altrece Xavier [AI] 12/02/17
Cat The Urquhart's Peppermint Butler 09/12/17 02/07/18 1 doe (retained) 
Raisin Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 09/19/17 02/18/18 1 doe (retained) 
Fondant Merrie-Meade MN Countvoncount 09/20/17 02/16/18 1 buck (FOR SALE)
1 doe (retained)
Mozzie Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 09/12/17 02/11/18  1 buck (SOLD) 
Swiss Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 10/17/17
Bean Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 09/20/17 02/16/18 1 buck (FOR SALE)
1 doe (retained) 
Chloe Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 12/21/17
Bourbon Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 10/14/17
Berry Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 10/12/17
Gelly Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 10/14/17
Ivy Merrie-Meade MFV Maple Nut 11/15/17
Tahiti Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 09/22/17
Geneva Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 10/18/17
Shorty Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 10/19/17
Sophia Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 10/16/17
Olivia Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 12/13/17
Kanoli +*B Merrie-Meade Shamus [AI] 11/23/17
Doughie Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 11/11/17
Tess Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 11/20/17

Ruby Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 11/21/17
Garnet Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 01/03/17
Jessica Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs  09/20/17 02/17/18 1 buck (ON HOLD)
1 doe (retained) 
Cassi Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 09/20/17
Zili Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 10/18/17
Nettie Merrie-Meade BR Stingray 10/12/17
Seville Lynnhaven Timeless Dreamer 09/01/17 01/29/18 1 buck (retained)
1 doe (retained) 
Nova Bluestone Acres BUD Andy  12/11/17

Busy Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs  10/16/17
Blossom Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs 12/25/18
Samba Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs 09/20/17 02/19/18 1 doe (FOR SALE)
1 doe (retained) 
Sambuca Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish   10/12/17

** doe kids out of Salsa will be registerable as American Lamanchas
- updated 02/18/18 -