Planned Breedings

  • Before inquiring about our waiting list or currently available animals, please be sure to review our SALES POLICY and HERD HEALTH pages
  • Any available kids will be posted on the FOR SALE page, as well as noted in the chart below - if you want to know what's available as soon as possible, please be sure to "like" our FACEBOOK page 
  • NEW FOR 2017/2018 - we will no longer be taking reservations with deposits, but rather assigning spots on a waiting list (details below)
  • We have two separate waiting lists for all breeds - registered [must be picked up/shipped within 3 weeks of notification of availability for young kids, 2 weeks for older kids] and unregistered [unregistered kids must be picked up between 2 to 10 days of age to recieve the special pricing]
  • Unregistered bucks are priced starting at $20 for Lamancha types and $40 for Nubian types, unregistered does will start at $100, depending on type and quality
  • For unregisted kids you are welcome to specify if you would like kids out of a certain doe, however registered kid sales will take precedence  
  • Payment for unregistered kids is due at the time they are picked up
  • Registered kids are priced depending on the animals that they're out of. Kids from first fresheners start at $100, from finished champions at $400, and all others at $200 - you are welcome to inquire about pricing on specific crosses before being placed on the waiting list.
  • For registered kids, please submit at least a first and second choice (
  • Payment for registered kids will consist of a NON-REFUNDABLE 25% deposit upon notification of availability (unless you are able to pick up within a week), with the balance due on pick up/shipping. If a deposit is not recieved within a weekand/or transport arrangements cannot be made in a timely fashion, the kid may be retained or made otherwise available for sale to the public. If you are paying the deposit within 1 week of picking up your kid, it must be made via the "Friends & Family" option through PayPal, cash, or postal money order ONLY. Deposits made earlier may be sent via check, however, under no circumstance will I accept a personal check for the final balance due.
  • For shipping options and other pertinent information please see the sales policy page


Oatmeal Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 11/16/17 04/10/18 1 doe (retained) 
BB Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 10/22/17 03/17/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
Maui Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 11/11/17 04/03/18
1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Vidalia Merrie-Meade MN Countvoncount 11/14/17 04/08/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
Sweetie Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 10/17/17 03/17/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
Debbie Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 10/18/17 03/16/18
1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (SOLD) 
Marcy Merrie-Meade MFV Maple Nut 10/11/17 03/09/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
Aurora Merrie-Meade MFV Maple Nut 09/20/17 02/11/18  1 doe (SOLD)  
Nanner Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 10/09/17 03/09/18 2 bucks (SOLD) 
Millie Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 09/19/17 02/15/18 2 bucks (SOLD) 
Zola Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 10/16/17 03/15/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
Mango Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 10/16/17 03/13/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (ON HOLD) 
Doodle +B GCH Altrece Xavier [AI] 12/02/17 04/30/18 1 doe (retained) 
Cat The Urquhart's Peppermint Butler 09/12/17 02/07/18 1 doe (retained) 
Raisin Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 09/19/17 02/18/18 1 doe (SOLD) 
Fondant Merrie-Meade MN Countvoncount 09/20/17 02/16/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained)
Mozzie Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 09/12/17 02/11/18  1 buck (SOLD) 
Swiss Merrie-Meade ACE Onion 10/17/17 03/10/18 2 bucks (SOLD)
Bean Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 09/20/17 02/16/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Chloe Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 12/21/17 05/13/18 1 buck (FOR SALE)
1 doe (retained)
Bourbon Liberty Ladies OK C Hugo 10/14/17 03/12/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Berry Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 10/12/17 03/10/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Gelly Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 10/14/17 03/12/18
1 buck (SOLD)  
1 doe (retained) 
Ivy Merrie-Meade MFV Maple Nut 11/15/17 04/10/18 1 doe (retained) 
Tahiti Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 09/22/17 02/26/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Geneva Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish 10/18/17 03/16/18 1 buck (retained)
1 doe (retained) 
Sophia Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 10/16/17 03/15/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (SOLD) 
Olivia Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 12/13/17 05/07/18 1 buck (FOR SALE)
Kanoli +*B Merrie-Meade Shamus [AI] 11/23/17 04/17/18 1 buck (FOR SALE)
Doughie Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 11/11/17 04/10/18 1 doe (retained) 
Mousse Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 12/18/17 05/10/18 1 buck (FOR SALE)
Tess Merrie-Meade NEO McQueen 11/20/17 04/16/18 1 buck (ON HOLD)

Ruby Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 11/21/17 04/16/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
Garnet Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 01/03/17 05/30/18
1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Jessica Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs  09/20/17 02/17/18
1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Cassi Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 11/19/17 04/29/18 2 bucks (SOLD) 
Zili Bluestone Acres BUD Andy 10/18/17 03/18/18 1 buck (SOLD) 
Nettie Merrie-Meade BR Stingray 10/12/17 03/13/18
1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 
Seville Lynnhaven Timeless Dreamer 09/01/17 01/29/18 1 buck (retained)
1 doe (retained) 
Nova Bluestone Acres BUD Andy  12/11/17 05/18/18
1 buck (SOLD) 
1 doe (retained) 

Busy Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs  10/16/17 03/12/18 1 buck (ON HOLD) 
Blossom Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs 12/25/18 05/19/18
1 buck (FOR SALE) 
1 doe (retained)  
Samba Merrie-Meade CAD Chubby Mctubbs 09/20/17 02/19/18
1 doe (FOR SALE) 
1 doe (retained)  
Sambuca Merrie-Meade MCQ MacTavish   10/12/17 03/10/18 2 bucks (SOLD) 

- updated 06/11/18 -