Herd Health

Disease Testing
  • Our entire herd was last CAE tested through the BioPryn Precision Diagnostics lab in PA on 4/22/15. We test the herd approxmately every other year, or as finances allow to track status.
  • Random samples were pulled and submitted to WADDL for Johnes & CL testing on 4/22/15, and were negative for both (as we have never seen evidence on CL or Johnes in our herd, we chose only to test a handful at this time)
  • The herd is tested annually for TB and Brucellosis, as required per NYS regulations for the sale of raw milk beginning in 2017 (though NY is currently considered to be a TB/Bruc free state)
  • All kids are separated from the main herd, given commercially available powdered colostrum at birth, and fed a mix of pasteurized cow and goat milk through weaning at 16 weeks
  • All pens/shelters/living spaces are stripped, disinfected, and re-bedded on a routine weekly basis
  • Visitors/potential buyers/etc are not allowed in barns and pens due to concern for possible cross contamination and propety casing
  • A camera system has been set up in all barns to monitor the health and security of our animals 24/7
  • We do not board livestock of any species, under any circumstance
  • We do allow our bucks to service outside does, however as mentioned above, we will not board the doe for any length of time. Does are hand bred in the driveway, and we reserve the right to turn away any doe that does not appear to be in good health. Does MUST be CL and Johnes negative, no exceptions.
  • All animals are dewormed on an "as needed" basis depending on weight, condition, and FAMACHA scoring
  • Bucks and does are copper bolused annually in the fall, kids are first bolused at 6 months
  • We vaccinate all does in milk annually with Lysigin, other than that, vaccines are only administered as necessary (ie. antibiotics, vitamins, etc)