Clubs & Organizations
ADGA - American Dairy Goat Association
INBA - International Nubian Breeders Association
ALC - American Lamancha Club
Kastdemur's Dairy Goats - Nubians & Lamanchas in California
South-Fork Lamanchas - Lamancha dairy goats in Colorado
Here-Be-Goats - Lamancha dairy goats
Lynnhaven Dairy - Nubians & Lamanchas in New York
Marshland Toggenburgs - Toggenburg dairy goats in Minnesota
Lucky*Star Farm - Lamancha dairy goats in Washington
Brookwood - Lamanchas, Nubians & Alpines in New York
Rushtawin - Nubian dairy goats in TX/New York
Jesta Farm - Nubians in New Hampshire
Welbian Farms - Swiss breeds & Lamanchas in New York
Garden 'N Goat - Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in Missouri
Jayme's Jewels - Lamancha dairy goats in Missouri
Glen Mythos - Lamancha dairy goats
Here Be Goats - Lamancha dairy goats in Florida
Lesniak-Hill - Lamancha, Alpine, & Toggenburg dairy goats in NY
Timber*Cover - Lamancha dairy goats in Oregon
Liberty Ladies - Lamancha dairy goats in New York
Kritter Kountry - Alpine, Saanen, Toggenburg, Nubian dairy goats in NY
Health Resources
Fiasco Farm - a go to for dosages, recommendations and more on antibiotics, anthlementics, and much more
Onion Creek Ranch - real world tips for managment, disease, herd health and more