About The "Portrait Ponies" Program

Portait Ponies from The Studio at MMF make unique gifts for the horse crazy child or adult in your life, perfect for any occasion (or even none at all)!  I start with the Breyer or Peter Stone model of your choice, remove the seams and logo, change the gender if necessary, coat with a white automotive primer, and then paint to your specifications based on provided photos using mixed media and techniques.  All models are thoroughly coated with a UV/water resistent sealer at completion, however, they are not meant for rough play (it will damage the finish, or possibly even break the model).  Examples can be found in the Portrait Pony Gallery, and more examples of my work in general can be found in the color galleries.

Three different sizes are available to fit differing budgets, and the transaction can be completed through a simple form located HERE.  Before filling it out, be sure to select the model that you would like me to work with, by going to http://www.merriemeadefarm.com/ppb.htm

A 50% deposit is due at the time your order is placed - payments are processed through our Paypal cart system, though you do not have to have a Paypal account (credit cards can be processed without it).  

Traditional Scale,Breyer & Peter Stone Bodies (BT#, ST#)
  • Solid Colors $285
  • Patterned Colors $365
Traditional Scale Resins (not pictured, list available on request)
  • All Colors $350 & up, cost depends greatly on the model chosen
Classic Scale Breyer Bodies (BC#)
  • Solid Colors $185
  • Patterned Colors $250
Stablemate Scale Breyer Bodies (BS#)
  • Solid Colors $85
  • Patterned Colors $145
**A solid color is a horse that is primarily one main color (ie. bay, grey, chestnut, dun, etc) with anywhere from no white markings, up to very minimal tobiano/overo pinto patterns.  A patterned color is a base body color with a lot of white, like an appaloosa, more extensive pinto patterns, sabinos, etc.